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The best way to keep up with the latest changes to our project is to download the code from CVS. Here are some instructions for getting/viewing the code in CVS:

CVS Browsing

FishEye allows you to browse the CVS repository through your browser.

Anonymous CVS Access

The Milyn source can be checked out anonymously by setting CVSROOT to:

You can then checkout any of the modules using the "anonymous" login with a blank password (just press return).

The CVS module names are:

  1. "commons"
  2. "edisax"
  3. "magger"
  4. "milyn" (for everything)
  5. "smooks-cartridges"
  6. "smooks-core"
  7. "tinak"

Building Milyn Components

If you intend building any of these components with the supplied Maven build scripts, be aware that there's a Maven project hierarchy in place. The root Maven build files are checked out as "maven-root". This means that in order to build any of these components using the supplied Maven build scripts, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Checkout everything (i.e. "milyn"), or
  2. Checkout the component of interest (e.g. "smooks-core") and checkout the root maven files (i.e. "maven-root") into the folder above the component (e.g. above "smooks-core").

JDK Version: 1.5
Maven Version: 2.x

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