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As Smooks performs the filtering process (processing the Event Stream generated from the Source), it publishes events that can be captured and programmatically analyzed during/after execution.

The easiest way to generate an execution report out of Smooks is to configure the ExecutionContext to generate a report. Smooks supports generation of a HTML report via the HtmlReportGenerator.

The following is an example of how to configure Smooks to generate a HTML report.

Smooks smooks = new Smooks("/smooks/smooks-transform-x.xml");
ExecutionContext execContext = smooks.createExecutionContext();

execContext.setEventListener(new HtmlReportGenerator("/tmp/smooks-report.html"));
smooks.filter(new StreamSource(inputStream), new StreamResult(outputStream), execContext);

The HtmlReportGenerator is a very useful tool during development with Smooks.  It's the nearest thing Smooks has to an IDE based Debugger (which we hope to have in a future release).  It can be very useful for diagnosing issues, or simply as a tool for comprehending a Smooks transformation.

An example HtmlReportGenerator report can be seen online here

Of course you can also write and use your own ExecutionEventListener implementations.

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