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  1. Stream Readers: Smooks supports filtering of both XML and non-XML data because it allows you to configure a "Stream Reader" for each filter process. If no reader is configured, it defaults to XML. So, the Stream Reader resource is responsible for generating a stream of SAX events from a hierarchical data stream (e.g. XML, CSV, EDI etc.). This stream of SAX events can then be processed by XML Element Visitors (via Smooks). More on this later.
  2. Element Visitors: After Smooks hooks a Stream Parser to the data Stream, it starts receiving a stream of SAX events i.e. "startElement", "endElement" etc. These events are then used by Smooks to select an "ElementVisitor" implementation, which process the event in some way. This is the primary extension point in Smooks, as well as being the mechanism though which Smooks supports a fragment based processing model. See the list of Smooks Cartridges for examples of ElementVisitor implementations already available with Smooks. More on this later.
  3. Element Serializers: DOM based processing supports implementation of DOM Element "Serialization Units", allowing you to implement custom serialization at a fragment level.
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