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MVEL is a powerful expression language for Java-based applications. It provides a plethora of features and is suited for everything from the smallest property binding and extraction, to full blown scripts. For more information, jump right to the Getting Started Guide.

Stuff of Interest

Note: MVEL has moved to Github ( from SVN for version control. The SVN repository will no longer be updated.

Want to Contribute?

Do you like writing parsers, bytecode generators and/or designing languages? Well, we would love your help. Email me at for this and all other inquiries.


MVEL is similar to other offerings such as OGNL, and offers many of the same functionalities in that respect. MVEL is also very fast, check out Performance of MVEL 2.0 for a comparison between MVEL and OGNL.

Performance isn't everything; a mantra that many in the Java community often cling to. However, MVEL does not sacrifice functionality for performance. Check out the MVEL Language Reference to see for yourself.

The long term plan for MVEL will be to continue to expand and improve upon it. In fact, I am hoping that putting MVEL out as a separate offering will help spawn many suggestions and feedback on ways the MVEL can be improved.

Potential Applications

MVEL is general purpose. It may be useful as an extension to anything from use in JSP Tag Libraries, to the configuration facilities of your library/framework.

In addition to being an expression language, MVEL also comes packaged with an equally high-performance templating system similar to Velocity and FreeMarker.



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We use the Apache 2.0 License. So yes, you're safe to use MVEL in commercial products. You may also inline MVEL's classes into a single JAR alongside other products, however any re-branding or re-badging of MVEL itself is prohibited because that's just wrong.

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