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Welcome to OpenEJB!

OpenEJB is an open source, modular, configurable, and extendable EJB Container System and EJB Server.

EJB Server

OpenEJB comes with fast, lightweight EJB Servers for both Local and Remote access. That's right, deploy your EJBs into the container system, then just start the Remote EJB Server from the command line! Or, put OpenEJB in your class path and use it as an embedded library through the Local EJB Server.

EJB Container System

As a container system, OpenEJB works like a big plug-in for middleware servers like Web servers, CORBA servers, and application servers. By plugging in OpenEJB these servers obtain instant EJB compliance for hosting Enterprise JavaBeans!


We are very proud to announce our first release in the 1.x branch. OpenEJB 1.0 beta 1 is a short stop on the way to 1.0 final and includes the premier of some great new features such as Collapsed EAR support, EJB 2.0 Local Interface support, improved Tomcat integration and much more. Visit the OpenEJB 1.0 Beta 1 download page for a full list of new features and change log. Keep your eyes peeled for 1.0 final and activity in the OpenEJB 3 area.
A lot of work has been done to move the OpenEJB site into Confluence and Confluenza. Things will stay looking virtually the same, if not better. The major win is that now users and developers alike can maintain the site's content. It's also possible now to introduce more up-tp-date news and issue status. Hale to Codehaus for putting together such awesome infrastructure!



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