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Passerelle intro


For complete detailed information on the actor-based fundamentals underlying Passerelle, please consult the Ptolemy II website.

Getting started with Passerelle development

Setting up an eclipse workspace

  1. Install an eclipse 3.5, including a Subversion plugin (e.g. Subversive or Subclipse.
  2. Connect to the Passerelle SVN URL on the Codehaus :
  3. Check out project com.isencia.passerelle.gettingstarted
  4. Read the README.txt in there, explaining the 2 final steps
    1. Set the eclipse PDE development target platform
    2. Checkout the main Passerelle projects, via an Import of a team project set file
  5. Then you should be able to launch the basic Swing-based Passerelle model designer/tester IDE from inside eclipse

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