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Perpetuum Home

Welcome to the Perpetuum homepage. This is the central location to find all things related to Perpetuum, the embeddable and extendable continuous integration suite.

What Is Perpetuum?

Perpetuum (adj.)


Latin for continuous or continuing without interruption.

Perpetuum is a continuous integration suite. The plan is to provide a suite that allows developers to continuously integrate their code into their product with very minimal overhead and management. With many different ways to configure Perpetuum to manage your continuous integration process, you are bound to find an easy and efficient way to integrate Perpetuum into your development shops. Its APIs will allow you to monitor, manage, extend and programmatically interact with Perpetuum so that you experience more ROI than just automated builds.

Current Status

Perpetuum is in its infancy. Development started around November, 2005 and is now finalizing the components of its core. The core will be an immutable software stack providing everything Perpetuum needs to provide the essential services for its continuous integration suite. Once the core is finalized, database architecture and APIs will be developed for managing Perpetuum projects. Finally, the Perpetuum suite will take shape with the development of the build management, source management and reporting tools provided from Perpetuum. Expect a fully functional continuous integration suite to be ready by the 1.0 release.

Getting Involved

Getting involved with Perpetuum is simple. Just submit a Jira to join, report a bug or suggest a feature.

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