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Key Design Patterns & Architectural Matters

IoC / Inversion of Control

the idea that an application is controlled from the top down

SoC / Separation of Concerns

the idea that a class (aspect) should do one job and do it well

SAI / SoAI / Separation of API from Implementation

the idea that you define and code to work interfaces

AOP / Aspect Oriented Programming

mostly lightweight nowadays where you add a chain of interceptors around a method call that can handle orthogonal concerns

COP / Component Oriented Programming

the idea that you decompose your software into components

DecP / Declarative Programming

where you use a declarative-style language (usually xml) to determine things like component wiring (i.e. your average tomcat config file, generalized)

EBP / Event Based Programming

basically making the inter-object method call asynchronous and encapsulating such a call into some kind of event object that can be queued, modified, etc

Patterns details here



Patterns detailed elsewhere

Separate Interfaces From Implementation

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