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On this page you'll find links to binary and source distributions. Also see Source Repositories.


PicoContainer 1.3

Core 1.3

Gems 1.3

Binary Distribution 1.3

  • This distribution contains all PicoContainer jars and javadocs

Source 1.3

PicoContainer 1.2

Core 1.2

Gems 1.2

Source 1.2

PicoContainer 1.1

PicoContainer 1.0

Other downloads

All PicoContainer downloads can be found at the Codehaus Repository.

Download with Maven 1.x

The Codehaus repository supports the Maven 1.x repository structure.
This repository is sychronized any four hours with the repository on, Maven 1.x's default remote repository.

If you're using Maven and you want to use always the latest snapshot versions build by Continuous Integration, then you should tell maven to use Codehaus' repository in addition to the one at Ibiblio. Put the following in your project's file:

Download with Maven 2.x

The Codehaus repository supports the Maven 2.x repository structure.

If you're using Maven 2.x to build, you should configure the POM's repositories as follows:

Download sources

See Source Repositories

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