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PicoContainer is a lightweight and highly embeddable container for components that honour Dependency Injection.

See PicoContainer Overview for an introduction to PicoContainer.

Want something easier to get you started? Have a look at our Tutorials.

Despite it being very compact in size (the core is ~100K and it has no mandatory dependencies outside the JDK),
PicoContainer supports different dependency injection types (both CDI and SDI) and offers totally customisable lifecycles.

NanoContainer builds on top of PicoContainer the support for several scripting meta-languages (XML, Groovy,
Bsh, Jython and Rhyno), AOP, Web frameworks (Struts and WebWork), Persistence (Hibernate) SOAP, JMX, and much more.

PicoContainer has originally been implemented in Java but is also available for other platforms and
languages. These are detailed in Ports.


Mar 18, 2007

PicoContainer 1.3 has been released. Downloads are available from Downloads.

PicoContainer 1.2 User Documentation in PDF form is available here

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