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  1. Available components? The "Picosphere?"

    Design issues

    • Component Constructors need to be public for PicoContainer to manage them. This is obvious when converting components that are package-private classes.
  2. We would like some feedback from the reader, please.
    Is the Five minute introduction enough as an overview of PicoContainer and do we need to go into the details of components, containers and lifecycle?

  3. I think a short definition would be good. If the reader wants more detail, then see the javadocs?

  4. Do you mean a short definition of each of the concepts and then references to the JavaDoc? Sounds like a good idea.

  5. I think that the example nicely ilustrates how the container works. I have a question though: How would you peel lemon, orange, and banana? Since you register apple in the container you will be always getting apple unless you change the component implementation.

  6. You can use ComponentAdapter and Parameter to construct with an exact Peelable (smile)

  7. How is this component-based design better than something else? What types of real applications would choose this design and why?