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Prevayler 2 is practically a cleanroom implementation.

What's new?


  • BSD License (more permissive than previous LGPL license).


  • Automatic rollback for transactions that fail (throw RuntimeException).
  • XML snapshots.
  • Transient Prevayler support for automated testing and demos.
  • Prevayler.close() implemented.


  • Greatly simplified API with the PrevaylerFactory facade.
  • Command renamed to Transaction for easier understanding.
  • BatchedWrites to Improve Transaction Throughput (5x times faster than Prevayler1)
  • BufferedStreams to Improve Throughput
  • Smaller transaction log size by storing a long rather than a Date.


  • Scalability Test included.
  • Replication functionality can already be previewed, but is still very basic.

h3 Download

Do check out the replication demo. It is pretty cool.

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