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qixweb is a simple, easy, lightweight framework for building webapps by means of Application Controllers. It shields the application domain from web-related layers (stateless protocol, markup UI, ...).

qixweb was born by refactoring a few XP projects from the ground up. Its essential elements are:

  1. an abstraction of node, each representing a page in a browser; each node is attached to some piece of the domain, but the domain is kept separated and clean ==> nodes may be connected directly to each other or via commands, which constitutes an abstraction of navigation of the entire webapp
  2. an abstraction of command as action that will change the domain, producing a new node ==> ie: these commands may be used to wrap easily Prevayler commands
  3. an abstraction of browser, url and link that keep nodes & commands well separated in turn from servlets and container aspects ==> it is therefore possible to test all the dynamic navigation logic server side without working with html, http or containers
  4. an abstraction of response handler and renderer that enables browser to use template engines like Velocity on one side and that opens the world of multichannel applications on the other side

See how to start.

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