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Welcome to Ruby Rules

Coming soon to a irb near you...

 Whats it all about then?

A simple inferencing (forward chaining) engine for ruby, to allow decalarable, maintainable rules. Will provide handy ways to increase the vocab of your object model just for the rules (to make the pretty).
I have ambitions to do a full RETE implementation, but what with a family, and a job, it will take time.

A key aim is to use as rubys AMPLE built in meta-programming capability where possible (efficiently). This means that most of the expressions are done in ruby, with just a little structure to arrange the rules.

Brought to you by one of the maniacs behind drools


No ideas for an Icon just yet, but mercifully I don't need to scale down to 32x32. Mr Trout may  make a re-appearance. 

Latest News

Such a long stint since an update. End of March! I have ruby-rules functional? in a project at work. It is allowing us to use some pretty complex rules for scheduling medical appointments across multiple modalities.

The super hacked version is riding rails as a hobo rather than a paying passenger. Just jumping on a car has kept the train going and given me lots to think about.

Any body out there using this thing at all? If so drop me a line at don (dot) goodenough (at) gmail (dot) com.

Work, me worry?

Michael opened the door for a brief moment and I snuck in. My name is Don (goodenough) and I will rule you all! With ruby-rules not with impunity. That comes later. For now, I am a blind man in a strange land wandering from here to there changing snippets as I can. Will they all work? Maybe. Will I be able to do anything to help this project? Maybe. I have some ideas in my pocket - let's see how far they get me.

In London

Finally made the epic journey to London. Jetlag and climate shock are now a bad memory. 747s are nasty for long haul, Airbus much nicer (that little bit more room next to you).

Not sure how much time I will get to hack around on ruby rules, as I have to play tourist for some time whilst spending the rest on the day job. At present I am fleshing out the fact handling for duck typinig specifically, then back to the core engine. 

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