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Be quick! Students only have until Monday, March 26th to submit proposals for work they'd like to undertake with the Jikes RVM for the Google SoC. In our summer of code area we have a list of project ideas that should give you some ideas for project proposals. You can always come up with your own! For ideas on what the Jikes RVM has been used for in the past, browse these web pages. There really is an opportunity to write a project proposal that interests just about anybody with the Jikes RVM! As we say on the home page, the Jikes RVM is a flexible testbed for ideas. These ideas have ranged from binary translators (high performance emulators), to Java operating systems, to dynamically typed language support (for languages such as Perl), to aspect oriented programming, to state-of-the-art compiler, threading and garbage collection performance ideas.

Unsure about project ideas and your own ideas for things you can do with the Jikes RVM? The Jikes RVM community is an excellent sounding board. Why not subscribe and post your questions to the researchers mailing list. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas, don't be afraid of the forum!

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