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To celebrate the double milestones of this being the 10th year of Jikes RVM development and the release of Jikes RVM 3, we've decided to create t-shirts to reward Jikes RVM contributors. Whilst meta-circular virtual machine development in Java may result in beautiful code it might not be a true indicator of other artistic ability. We've therefore decided to have a competition for people to put forward their design of what should be on our t-shirts. We have cash to ensure the production of the t-shirts from the mentor payments of this years Jikes RVM Google Summer-of-Code (thanks Google and the mentors!). The deadline for submissions to the competition is January 1st 2009. Remember to keep contributing so that you will be inline to receive free Jikes RVM booty! For more information on the competition please use the jikesrvm-researchers mailing list.