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Welcome to Senro

Senro is a new domain-driven development framework using Wicket.

Who is this project for?

If you want to prototype webapps in Java, Senro is a great way to go. By annotating a simple POJO data model, Senro will generate a complete webapp in Wicket on the fly. We focus today on Hibernate, but any OR mapper will be supported, eventually.

How is this project different?

  1. It is under active development
  2. It is a fresh code base using current programming patterns and tools (generics, annotations, Spring)

Why would I want to use it?

You probably don't unless you are a developer that is contributing to the project. It's not really ready for people to use yet.

I want to contribute, what do I do?

Get on the Senro developer mailing list and get involved. New developers start on a 90-day probationary period. If your code style and quality meet our standards, you'll be welcomed as a full member of the team.

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