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Welcome to Service Conduit Wiki

Service Conduit is an open source implementation of the OASIS OpenCSA SCA suite of specifications and JEE 6 CDI profile. Service Conduit offers a light-weight infrastructure for building composite service applications, using either SCA or JEE CDI profile. It also supports top-down policy enforcement, pluggable transport abstractions and multiple component implementation types. It is released under the ASL 2.0 license.

The main features supported by Service Conduit include,

  • SCA Programming Model
    • Recursive composition of service components
    • Constructor, setter and field injection
    • Composition through inclusion
    • Composition through implementation
  • Transport Bindings
    • SOAP Web Services
    • Java Messaging Service
    • Oracle Advanced Queueing
    • File Transfer Protocol
    • HTTP
    • Caucho Hessain
    • Caucho Burlap
    • Raw TCP Sockets
  • Implementation Types
    • POJO Classes
    • Groovy
    • REST
  • Other Enterprise Features
    • Fully managed JPA integration
    • Declarative Transaction Management
    • Declarative Policy Enforcement
    • Embedded FTP Server
    • Scheduled Task Management
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