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This page lists all the SonarQube plugins we know about that are not hosted on our forge. 

AnthillProSupports configuring and launching SonarQube analysis from AnthillPro.
BambooSupports configuring and launching SonarQube analysis from Bamboo, the Atlassian CI engine.
C++ Plugin (Community)Alternative Open Source SonarQube plugin adding support for C++.
GerritReports SonarQube issues on your patchsets to your Gerrit server.
JavaMelodyOn-board performance monitoring of SonarQube using JavaMelody.
MB-Precise*Adds support for Websphere Message Broker (ESQL and MessageFlows). Free trial available.
MemtrackerTracks peak memory usage during functional test execution.
SecureCIAn open-source continuous integration solution that is packaged as a virtual machine and can be run with the VMware Player. It integrates many tools like SonarQube, Maven, Nexus, Hudson.
sevntu-checkstyleAdds support of sevntu-checkstyle checks to SonarQube
SonarQube OpenSocial GadgetsA suite of gadgets developed for GateIn that should also work in any other standard gadget container (JIRA4, Shindig).
SonarQube gadgets in JIRA4Developed by Marvelution, it enables the display of several SonarQube gadgets in JIRA, along with a Project tab panel.
SonarQube gadgets in JIRA4Developed by Ross Rowe, a set of gadgets that integrate SonarQube information within a JIRA 4 dashboard. This JIRA add-on has been archived.
Structure101Tracks metrics for software architecture.
TeamCityThe plugin provides a simple user interface for configuring a connection between TeamCity and SonarQube servers, and allows you to trigger analysis using the SonarQube Runner as a build step in TeamCity.
ThreadSafe*Finds concurrency bugs and potential performance issues in Java codebases. Free trial available.
Visual Studio ExtensionProvides a comprehensive integration of SonarQube in Visual Studio for .Net projects. The objective of this integration is to remove the requirement that developers leave their favorite IDE to manage their source code quality.

* Commercial Plugin

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