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Description / Features

This plugin connects SonarQube to Redmine issue and project management tool in various ways.

Widget "Redmine Issues"

SonarQube retrieves the number of open issues associated to a project from Redmine. It then reports on the total number of issues and distribution by priority.

Link a SonarQube review to a Redmine Issue

This feature allows you to create a review (on a violation) that will generate a Redmine Issue on your configured Redmine Installation

When logged in, you should find the "Link to Redmine" action available on any violation:

You can enter any comment and after you press "Link to Redmine", a new review comment is added on the violation: you can see the link to the newly-created Redmine issue.

And the corresponding Redmine Issue looks like:




Redmine 2.2+


Redmine 2.0 - 2.1


Redmine 1.x.x



  1. Install the plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  2. Restart the SonarQube server


Before you configure the plugin you need to get Redmine's API Access key

  1. Log in to your Redmine installation with administration rights

  2. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Authentication
  3. Enable Rest Web Service API
  4. Go to the "My Account" page ( /my/account ) and create a new API Access key on the right panel of your screen.

  5. Copy the API Access key to use it in plugin configuration

Plugin configuration

At Global level, go to Settings -> Redmine and set Redmine's URL and API Access key you copied from previous step

At Project level, go to Configuration -> Redmine Configuration Page

  1. Set the general settings for accessing Redmine : URL and the API Key you copied from previous step.
  2. Set the project key and click on the <Test the settings; gets priorities and trackers> button
  3. Pick up a default priority and default tracker for the redmine issues and save your settings

Change Log


Release 1.0 (4 issues)


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