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NEWS 23-Jun-2009: Download page is moved to New StaxMate Download Page (hosted by )

Source code repository

You can access the source code directory from StaxMate Subversion repository .

Anonymous access can be used like:

svn co

Package types

Both binary and source code packages are available, and they come in following flavours:

  • The stable version is the latest release from a branch that has been frozen, i.e. no API changes will be made, only critical fixes.
  • Last revisions of earlier major releases may also be included as necessary.


StaxMate needs following packages to work:

  • Stax API jar, if running on JDK earlier than 1.6 (1.6 includes Stax API, i.e. package and its sub-packages). Woodstox download page has link to the API jar.
  • A Stax implementation. Any Stax 1.0 compliant implementation should work, but following have been tested to work:
  • Stax2 extension API. This is downloaded either separately (see link below) for version 2.0.0 and above (was optionally bundled with 1.3.0 and earlier). For more information on Stax2, check out Stax2 information page .

Note: different versions of StaxMate may depend on different versions of Stax2 interface.


StaxMate is licensed under BSD .

Current (2.0)

Available from the New StaxMate Download Page .

Previous (1.3)

Earlier releases:

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