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Stomp JMS Bindings

When using the Stomp Protocol with StompConnect or a JMS provider there are some additional Stomp headers and semantics which are useful to know. In terms of JMS semantics Stomp supports the same Ack Modes unless the messages are exchanged within a transaction via BEGIN/COMMIT/ABORT

Standard JMS Message Headers

The following standard JMS Headers are mapped to Stomp as follows; so these headers can be added to a SEND command when sending messages

Stomp header

JMS header




good consumes will add this header to any responses they send so that entire conversations can be correlated



the expiration time of the message



whether or not the message is persistent



the priority on the message



the destination you should send replies to



sets the type of the message

Subscription headers

You can use an SQL 92 selector whenever you subscribe using the selector header

When subscribing for a topic you can specify the header

This will disable local messages. Namely messages published over the Stomp connection will not be received by this topic subscription.

Durable Topic Subscribers

If you wish to create a durable topic subscriber you will need to do the following

  • set the client-id header on the CONNECT to a globally unique String for the Stomp connection
  • set the durable-subscriber-name header on the SUBSCRIBE command.

The combination of the client-id and durable-subscriber-name uniquely identifies the durable topic subscription. i.e. after you restart your program and re-subscribe, the Broker will know which messages you need that were published while you were away

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