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Stomp uses named transactions so that many transactions can concurrently occur at the same time.

The client specifies the name and it is unique to that client.


transaction: tx1


then you can ack or send using the transaction

message: ID:19283:wheeeee:1234
transaction: tx1

destination: /queue/a
transaction: tx1

hello queue a!
transaction: tx1


Would "undo" the ack and send

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  1. It would be helpful to have a little more details on what an implementation needs to handle as far as transactions go.  Perhaps much of this can be left up to implementation developers; however, I can imagine that users would find some of this clarified here.  A few specific questions I have (I apologize in advance if these are naive):

    • Should the implementation continue delivering messages to a reliable (ack=true) client during a transaction?  The example above shows a single ACK in a transaction; however, I imagine that if the broker continued to deliver messages to this client before transaction was committed, those additional ACKs could be included in the transaction?  This makes sense to me; however, I'm not sure how many servers implement it like this.
    • (again related to reliable clients) When a transaction is aborted, is it expected that the rolled-back ACK'd messages will be retransmitted to the same client?  (I suspect this might be something that an implementation might choose to define).