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What is Swizzle?

Swizzle started out as some stream-based parsing code I've had sitting around for quite some time. Once the project was established, it became my dumping ground for all things of a swizzling nature; poking at or mucking with unprocessed or unusable data. Generally, to swizzle unconsumable data into a consumable form.

Swizzle Stream

Stream editor implemented as a series of InputStream and OutputStream filters. Like the unix sed and can manipulate an endless stream with little memory. Unlike sed it does not support regular expressions, but the lack of it keeps buffering down and processing fast as all scanning is done with string literals of known content and length. It may be implemented in the future, but so far I've not found a use-case where I couldn't achieve the desired results without it.

Swizzle Confluence

Strongly typed Java Client for the Confluence XML-RPC API. Can add, update, find and delete pages and more.

Swizzle Jira

Strongly typed Java Client for the Jira XML-RPC API or the Jira RSS API. Far more expressive and natural to code against. Implements caching of response data. Can screen scrape using Swizzle Stream for data which is not available through XML-RPC or RSS, such as lists of voters or sub-tasks for a given item.

Swizzle Jira Report

A simple command line utility library that combines Velocity with Swizzle Jira to easily create reports. The Velocity template is 100% self contained, no "coding" necessary. Simply point the swizzle-jirareport jar at a velocity template and get your formatted data back.

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  1. tried swizzle:

    adding new page. page ID or parrent page id is not possible, we get .. this exception

    org.codehaus.swizzle.confluence.ConfluenceException: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "testpagewithrpc"
        at org.codehaus.swizzle.confluence.Confluence.storePage(
        at at.sphinx.internal.confluence.UpdatePageExample.main(