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Timeindexing presents a new way to develop time-based applications and processes. By introducing a new type of data container that can store and retrieve any kind of data, plus operations that are optimized for precision time specification, a whole new world of possibities for applications and processes opens up.

The Timeindexing system provides a flexible framework for building time-based applications and processes. This framework is superior to the current approaches to storing and retrieving data, where time is a major element, because it provides a consistent and coherent mechanism for doing flexible and precise time-based selection and processing.

Applications for timeindexing can be as diverse as audio and video selection and processing, server log file maintenance and management, financial time-series processing, sensor data storage and processing.

Timeindexing is suitable in many business sectors, including:

Audio Streaming

Video Streaming


Data Logging

Earth Sensing



Call Centres

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