Blog from December, 2010

What's that? Did the little Tynamo elf just leave an early Christmas gift for all the Tapestry people who have been so good boys and girls the whole year? Indeed, Tynamo is announcing one more module, tynamo-archetype 0.1.0 this year before focusing on our own wish list. It seems fitting that we released our very first Tynamo archetype just a year ago and now, 0.1.0 is all ready to go with tynamo-model 0.1.0, T5.2.x and other bells and whistles. Read more from Quick start.

Enjoy! We'll take a little break from announcements now, see you again around T5.3 (smile)

Hey, wouldn't it be great if you could just reload your RESTful service classes live while developing them? Oh that's right, that's exactly what tapestry-resteasy 0.2.1 allows you to do! This is T5.2.x specific maintenance release, updating the JAX-RS dependency to JBoss' resteasy GA release 2.0.1. Read more at tapestry-resteasy guide.

Release notes:


  • TYNAMO-64 - Live Class Reloading for REST services