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With 600 million users and counting, it's the new Internet. Yes, I'm talking about Facebook. Whether you love it or hate it, these days you have to have a Facebook strategy. Every other site is doing Facebook, Twitter and Google integrations and why not, your fledgling little website wouldn't need more than 1/1000th of their users to make it a success. So why is that everybody needs to suffer on their own through implementing various versions of Oauth & other open authorization standards? With that suffering in mind, tynamo-federatedaccounts, a module for supporting remote authentication and merged (federated) authorization, was born.

I've been using various versions of more specialized implementations of the same concept before, but tynamo-federatedaccounts is the first attempt at generalizing Oauth & similar work flows to an easy-to-use package. The module is based on Tynamo's tapestry-security, a stable and well-maintained security package based on Apache Shiro for Tapestry5 applications. At this point, I'm looking for early user feedback for the current implementation and APIs. I've put together a simple, live demonstration to showcase it. Also check out the documentation for tynamo-federatedaccounts.

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