Blog from Jun 14, 2012

More people using tapestry-security means more improvements, feature requests. We are still staying on top of it and keep our backlog clean with the following issues fixed in 0.4.6, the best ever tapestry-security release yet:


  • [TYNAMO-155] - Authorization cache is not cleared at logout


  • [TYNAMO-143] - Create a marker annotation for SecurityConfiguration
  • [TYNAMO-154] - add FirstExceptionStrategy as the default AuthenticationStrategy for projects with multiple realms
  • [TYNAMO-159] - Add a NotFoundFilter
  • [TYNAMO-160] - Handle no-context, no ending slash with the same wildcard rule
  • [TYNAMO-161] - add a PatternMatcher field to SecurityFilterChain
  • [TYNAMO-163] - Rename PageService to an internal LoginContextService

New Feature

  • [TYNAMO-150] - Implement the CasFilter (new in Shiro 1.2) as a tapestry-security filter
  • [TYNAMO-162] - provide a configuration to block access to assets (like the AssetProtectionDispatcher)

Read more at tapestry-security guide and enjoy,

Tynamo Team