Blog from April, 2013

Oops, we did it again! We cleaned the security component issue list and cut a new release with a few nice little improvements. 0.5.0 was released a few months before but never announced. 0.5.1 is the new stable release for T5.3.x. Unfortunately though, 0.5.1 will not work with the upcoming T5.4. It does compile and about half of the tests succeed but the ajax interfaces are changed enough that there will likely be some issues. Well, at least we have something to do for the next release.


  • [TYNAMO-176] - Incorrect redirect to login page in case of ajax request


  • [TYNAMO-125] - Else block for the security components
  • [TYNAMO-193] - Allow temporarily disabling security for an invocation of Callable
  • [TYNAMO-195] - Make LoginForm error messages localizable
  • [TYNAMO-183] - Improve support for Instance-Level Access Control


Tynamo Team

Today, Mark Reinhold proposed the new new schedule for JDK 8 after the last slippage of Lamba merge. I'm pretty hopeful that this time the schedule will hold. I'm quite excited myself about Lambda expressions, too many times I've been writing code and just thinking that if I only could write this as a closure it'd be that much simpler. However, there is much more to look forward to and the "Everything about Java 8" article does a good job show case all the new features.