Blog from August, 2013

Federatedaccounts takes another leap forward by integrating with a new, Scribe-based module, Pac4j by Jérôme Leleu. See, the problem with Scribe, and Oauth in general, is that there's no standard way of getting any unique identifier with Oauth (unlike in OpenID). So there are several different provider specific extension and it quickly becomes a mess (read what the author of Scribe thinks about this). Anyway, it's great somebody, and in this case, Jérôme, still bothers to generalize the approach because otherwise I would have needed to do it. The new Federated Accounts module, tynamo-federatedaccounts-pac4jbasedoauth, simply provides UI components (Oauth sign in components, callback pages) around Pac4j, handles the Oauth all automatically and bakes in Tapestry-style configuration around it so all you need to do is to just add your Oauth app credentials. The primary use case for the new module is authentication and user profile federation, for other uses cases, you typically still want to use provider specific APIs and libraries. Documentation is also updated, although a bit thin still. Read more at tynamo-federatedaccounts guide.

Release notes:


  • [TYNAMO-211] - Allow parametrized configuration in federated login components for setting rememberMe in the token
  • [TYNAMO-220] - Implement rolling tokens support for federated accounts
  • [TYNAMO-181] - Implement DefaultJpaFederatedAccountServiceImpl
  • [TYNAMO-182] - Support GitHub federated login

New Feature


  • [TYNAMO-217] - returnPageName is required since there's no defaultReturnPage prop in AbstractOauthSignIn



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