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beta - used in production



Works with RestEASY 1.1.GA but not with newer versions
Works ONLY with singleton resources
Requires Tapestry 5.1.x

User guide for Tapestry-resteasy module

Tapestry-resteasy provides integration with JBoss' RESTEasy, an implementation JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Web Services). JAX-RS is a very nice little spec and if you know what it is about, the following should be very easy to understand. Otherwise, read up on it at Jersey's overview (the reference implementation) or the actual specification. JBoss' RESTEasy provides a few more features over the reference implementation.

To use tapestry-resteasy (an independent module of Tynamo), you need to add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

Modify your web.xml to include the following:

Create a package named "rest" for your rest services.
Code your singleton resource.
Good practices:

  • Name the resource class using the entity name followed by the word "Resource".
  • The @Path should be the entity name in lowercase.

For example:

Don't forget to annotate your entities with JAXB annotations. You need at least @XmlRootElement.

For example:

Finally contribute your singleton resource to your AppModule:

And enjoy.


If you get this exception:

Add this to your system properties:

like so:

mvn jetty:run

Check google for more information:

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