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Download Woodstox

NEWS: 16-Dec-2009: Moved downloads of latest (4.x) versions to New Woodstox Download Page .

Package types

Both binary and source code packages are available, and they come in following flavours:

  • The stable version is the latest release from a branch that has been frozen, i.e. no API changes will be made, only critical fixes.
  • The current version is the latest release from the current development branch. Although API may still evolve (until this branch becomes the stable one), release are functional, and changes between releases are documented.
  • Last revisions of earlier major releases may also be included as necessary.

You can also access current source code from the Subversion repository. Anonymous access can be used like:

svn co

(and similarly for '.../woodstox/wstx/branches/4.0' etc)

In addition to the core Woodstox packages, there are couple of additional packages available:

  • Stax API is needed when accessing Woodstox via Stax API (the usual case). (note: latest revision, 1.0.1, is recommended)
  • Extended experimental Stax2 API jars are distributed along with Woodstox jars. Up until Woodstox 3.2 these were included with the Woodstox jar itself (although they were also accessible separately if need be); but for Woodstox 4.0 and above, the API classes are packaged separately and this jar must be deployed along with woodstox core jar.
  • For RelaxNG (woodstox 3.0+) and W3C Schema (woodstox 4.0+) validation, you will also need additional jars, because the functionality is implemented using Sun Multi-Schema Validator (MSV) .

Note: Stax2 interface is used by StaxMate stax helper library.


Woodstox is dual-licensed under 2 alternative Open Source/Free licenses: LGPL 2.1 and Apache License 2.0. (starting with Woodstox 2.0 release). This is because of perceived incompatibility between these two popular licenses: while I do not agree in that there is a problem (the way I interpret LGPL, Java class loading is not static linking, ergo there is no virality), I nonetheless find it easier to just provide alternative downloads to risk alienating Apache/Jakarta or GPL users.

What this means is that one can choose either one of these licenses (for purposes of re-distributing Woodstox; usually by including it as one of jars another application or library uses) by downloading corresponding jar file, using it, and living happily everafter. With source code distribution licensing does not matter; except that it is good to know that by default Ant will build 2 distributions, one under each license.

Availability, Compatibility

Woodstox artifacts are available via Codehaus Maven repositories (maven 1.x and maven2).

Starting with Woodstox 4.0.0, jars are also complete OSGi bundles, allowing deployment on OSGi containers.

Stable (4.x)

See FasterXML Woodstox Download page .

Previous (3.2.9)

This is the previous stable release and is still usable (if not the recommended) choice, with few known issues.

Earlier releases:

These releases are only provided for legacy support purposes (maybe you have an old system that used non-latest 1.0.x, 2.0.x or 3.x release), and should not be used with new applications.

And that's all folks!

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