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Woodstox News


  • 16-Dec-2009: Maintenance release 4.0.7: (from Download page ): fixes one problem with accessing Base64-encoded binary content (in coalescing mode)
  • 01-Oct-2009: Maintenance release 4.0.6: fixes a nasty bug with long CDATA sections, XMLStreamReader.getElementText().
  • 09-Jun-2009: Maintenance release 4.0.5, fixes minor W3C Schema validation issues
  • 08-May-2009: Maintenance releases 4.0.4 ("Page Not Found" release?) and 3.2.9; latter likely the last release from 3.2 branch.
  • 12-Apr-2009: Added related API javadocs (Stax, SAX) for convenience.
  • 04-Mar-2009: Woodstox 4.0.3 released: just a single bug fix, but important one for W3C Schema validation. Also started 4.1 development branch (trunk is for 5.0)
  • 25-Feb-2009: Woodstox 4.0.2 released; 2 bug fixes, bit improved maven deployment (version range deps should finally work)
  • 29-Jan-2009: Woodstox 4.0.1 released to resolve Maven2 repo problems experienced with 4.0.0.
  • 01-Jan-2009: Woodstox 4.0.0, "Tequila" released!


  • 26-Dec-2008: Third 4.0 release candidate (version 3.9.9-3) released. Bug fixes to StreamSource handling, an API change regarding base64 handling.
  • 26-Dec-2008: 3.2.8 maintenance release: work-around for QName problem with old app servers, other minor fixes.
  • 17-Dec-2008: Second 4.0 release candidate (version 3.9.9-2) released! One critical bug fix; improved packaging, and OSGi service definition added.
  • 21-Nov-2008: First 4.0 release candidate (version 3.9.9-1) released! Now with full Typed Access API, W3C Schema validation (using MSV), and OSGi compatibility.
  • 02-Sep-2008: 3.2.7 released: more DOM-compatibility fixes, other assorted hot fixes (6 bugs fixed all in all)
  • 01-Jun-2008: 3.2.6 released: fixes to DOM-backed writer, XMLReporter support for XMLStreamReader.
  • 06-May-2008: 3.9.2, the third pre-4.0 version released. In addition to bug fixes, contains first (if partial) implementation of the Typed Access API (TypedXMLStreamReader, TypedXMLStreamWriter).
  • 24-Apr-2008: 3.2.5 released: minor bug fix to encoding reporting; an enhancement to improve performance when used with JAXB 2
  • 16-Mar-2008: Second pre-4.0 version, 3.9.1 released (only on web site, no Maven version made available yet). Mostly clean up and fixes, no new features; goal is to solidify core for 4.0 release candidates.
  • 17-Jan-2008: 3.2.4 released: contains two important bug fixes (related to CDATA event handling, UTF8Reader with DEL character handling).


  • 23-Nov-2007: First pre-4.0 version, 3.9.0 released. The biggest new feature is W3C Schema Validation.
  • 15-Nov-2007: 3.2.3 released: one critical fix to repairing namespace, 3 smaller fixes.
  • 26-Sep-2007: 3.2.2 released: contains support for DOMTarget, to allow XMLStreamWriter output to a DOM tree or element, and support for EBCDIC encoded document.
  • 05-Jun-2007: Released updated versions of ValidateXML and DTDFlatten tools: previous versions were based on ancient Woodstox version (2.0.3), new builds are based on 3.2.1.
  • 03-Apr-2007: 3.2.1 released. Contains about half a dozen bug fixes.


  • 28-Dec-2006: 3.2.0 released (although it really should be numbered "3.4"... guess why?). The most significant new feature is full SAX2 API implementation. In addition, writer-side had bit of TLC given to it, resulting in 10-20% speed increase, as well as numerous fixes.
  • 21-Dec-2006: 3.0.3 and 3.1.1 patch versions released. These fix multiple problems with writer side (XMLStreamWriter): updating from previous versions is strongly recommended
  • 02-Nov-2006: 3.1 (final) released: now implements Xml:id, properly reports SPACE in non-validating mode, and tries to preserve prefix mappings and namespace declarations in repairing mode.
  • 27-Sep-2006: First release candidate of 3.1 released: now implements Xml:id, properly reports SPACE in non-validating mode, and tries to preserve prefix mappings and namespace declarations in repairing mode.
  • 27-Sep-2006: 3.0.2 released.
  • 29-Aug-2006: 3.0.1 released.
  • 07-Aug-2006: 3.0.0 (3.0 final) released.
  • 03-Aug-2006: Added 2 sample classes (under src/samples) to show how 3.0 validation API can be used. Also added a simple document under Documentation (DocStax2Validation) pointing to samples.
  • 21-Jul-2006: Second release candidate (3.0rc2) released. Contains fixes to couple of issues found by users.
  • 08-Jun-2006: Woodstox 3.0 release candidate 1 released. Feature set for 3.0 frozen for good, plan to get 3.0-final out before OSCon in late July.
  • 31-May-2006: Fixed the remaining SVN problems (that resulted from the catastrophic failure of the Codehaus system), so that SVN head once again contains latest Woodstox (and StaxMate etc) sources!
  • 26-Apr-2006: Released 2.9.3. 2 notable features: finally implemented DOMSource (so that one can read DOM documents via XMLStreamReader and XMLEventReader), and significant performance improvements (esp. for small documents).
  • 31-Mar-2006: Released 2.9.2 (and 2.0.6). Highlights include RelaxNG validation support (using Sun MSV), and 99% pass rate on xmltest (via SAXTest).
  • 22-Feb-2006: Released 2.9.1; now xml conformance is much closer to the best xml parsers (Xerces), SAXTest pass rate above 95%. Also, UTF-32 encoding is now supported, and default xmlns attribute declarations are correctly handled.
  • 22-Jan-2006: Released 2.9 and 2.0.5: latter contains usual critical fixes, former many fixes to encoding handling, as well as revamped non-validating-but-DTD-aware mode (now attribute defaulting works there, too, amongst other things).


  • 31-Dec-2005: Released 2.8.2, which fixes a few bugs, to clean up backlog and make room for new requests. It also includes a new FA(A)Q that has more relevant information.
  • 20-Dec-2005: Released 2.8.1; another major milestone for 3.0. This release has completely rewritten validation system, and for the first time output can be validated as well as input. There are other additional improvements (including up to 5% speed boost from optimized attribute handling) as well; and finally, unit test coverage can now be checked using Emma (using 'ant test-emma').
  • 16-Dec-2005: Released 2.0.4; contains 4 minor bug fixes mostly related to DTD handling.
  • 11-Oct-2005: Released 2.8, which contains significant new functionality (from multi-doc and fragment mode, to configurable handling of undeclared entities and writer-side problem reporting and better defaults for event writers).
  • 29-Sep-2005: Released 2.0.3 (and 2.7): 4 fixes (for WSTX-7 through WSTX-10).
  • 04-Sep-2005: Released 2.0.2: 4 fixes, 3 for output (character quoting etc.), one for DTD-parsing. Also, started using Jira for bug/RFE tracking.
  • 10-Aug-2005: Released 2.0.1: contains fixes to two bugs found since 2.0-final.
  • 10-Jul-2005: Released 2.0-final (2.0rc3 plus three minor fixes)
  • 23-Jun-2005: Released 1.0.7, the last maintenance release for 1.x series.
  • 20-Jun-2005: Released 2.0rc3; contains minor namespace handling fixes.
  • 05-Jun-2005: Released 2.0rc2; contains minor fixes to StAX2 API.
  • 11-May-2005: Released 2.0rc1, the first Release Candidate for what will be eventual 2.0 release.
  • 26-Apr-2005: Released 1.0.6, another maintenance release for one new critical problem (SymbolTable handling with multi-threading)
  • 29-Mar-2005: Finally moved the Download page here (from
  • 22-Nov-2004: Trying to get started with the Woodstox home page at Codehaus!

(note: should bring over more ancient history from, some day).

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