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StaxMate – the perfect companion for a Stax processor!

NOTE: this page is obsolete. Please check out the NEW StaxMate Home Page !


StaxMate is a light-weight framework that adds convenience to streaming XML-processing , without significant additional overhead. It builds on top of a StAX processors such as Woodstox , and offers two basic abstractions:

  • Cursors, which build on XMLStreamReaders
  • Output objects, which build on XMLStreamWriters.

The design ideas and main features of both are listed, respectively, on StaxMateIterators and StaxMateOutputters pages.


  • 02-May-2007, TatuS: Release 1.0 from the New StaxMate Home Page at
  • 13-Oct-2006, TatuS: I finally got the server side (and simple Ajax test page) done for the Sample StaxMate-based Web Service !
  • 12-Oct-2006, TatuS: Released version 0.9.1, to synchronize fixes accumulated since 0.9, to be used in the sample web app.
  • 01-Sep-2006, TatuS: I have been writing an introduction to StaxMate at Let's Talk About Stax ] blog; starting with this introduction .
  • 11-Aug-2006, TatuS: Finally found time to release 0.9, which is a big leap functionality-wise. Most classes are also renamed, and finally, StaxMate now both makes use of, and requires, JDK 1.5.0 or above.


The design ideas and main features of input and output side concepts can be found on StaxMateIterators (for input) and StaxMateOutputters (for output) pages.

Sample Code

A simple reader-side only sample class can be viewed here: HtmlConverter (and it's also included in source package as org.codehaus.staxmate.samples.HTMLConverter).

In addition, a simple but complete web service (and client) implementation is included in the source code archive: it is explained in detail on Sample StaxMate-based Web Service page (note: work in progress, as of 14-Oct-2006).

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