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ValidateXML is a simple xml validation tool that allows validating one or more xml files against DTDs; either ones specified by the document itself, or against an alternative DTD specified via command line argument. Latter is often useful when either testing new versions of DTDs, or when original document does not contain a DTD reference.

Current version

Latest version is based on Woodstox XML-processor, version 3.2.1 (built on 05-Jun-2007).

You can download:

Note: to compile tools, you also need to download Woodstox (binary) jar and put it under lib/ sub-directory (matching version used to build released package is also included in Subversion repository).

Older version(s) available:


To use Validate, simply enter something like:

java -jar validate-xml.jar <document1> ... <documentN>

There are couple of configurable settings; the easiest way to view possibilities is to omit the xml file(s), in which case usage information is shown.

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