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Woodstox Future Plans

This page contains all features that have been requested for and/or have been planned as features to implement for future versions. Features that have been implemented from the original list are also retained.
The features are roughly grouped into different categories, based on likely order of them getting implemented.

Implemented functionality from the Wishlist:

  • 3.0:
    • General validation framework:
      • Pluggable validators: native one for DTD, Sun MSV-wrapper for RelaxNG.
      • Bi-directional validation, ie. ability to also validate output using same validators as the input (parsing) side
      • Dynamic start/stop validation, for sub-tree validation (if pluggable impl. supports)
      • Customizable validation problem handlers (fail-fast, collect-all)
    • First-class XML conformance (ie. similar to that of Xerces; full 1.0 conformance, most of 1.1)
  • 3.1:
    • XML:Id
  • 3.2:
    • Full implementation of SAX2 interface.
  • 4.0:
    • W3C Schema validation via Stax2 validation interface (using MSV jars)
    • Typed Access API: efficient access to typed content, reading/writing primitives (ints, doubles, QNames, booleans), arrays (of int/long/double), binary (as base64)

Possible New features for 5.0

  • XInclude
  • Indentation (heuristic, DTD/Schema/RNG based)

Other future features

  • XML catalogs
  • Streaming XPath subset
  • DTD++?
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