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XDoclet is an open source code generation engine. It enables Attribute-Oriented Programming for java. In short, this means that you can add more significance to your code by adding meta data (attributes) to your java sources. This is done in special JavaDoc tags. This use of JavaDoc tags for attributes formed the original ideas for Java 5 Annotations.

XDoclet2 is the next generation of this technology. Based on Generama, it uses standard template engines such as Velocity and Freemarker for generation of text-oriented output, and Jelly for XML output. The function of XDoclet is to seed the generation contexts for these template engines.

XDoclet2 is supported by XDoclet Plugins, which provide task-specific generation functionality.

See One Minute Introduction, Two Minute Introduction and Coffee Break Introduction for more information. Also follow links on the left navigation bar.

If you migrate from XDoclet1 you can find useful X1-X2 Plugin Changes page.

If you download XDoclet2 release bundle please visit one of the link given below in table. Also note that those bundles include XDoclet2 core as well as standard plugins. You no need to download nothing more for using XDoclet2.




Release date

Download link


Plugins 1.0.4




1.0.4 plugin batch. Contains all dependency jars necessary to run it from ant.

Plugins 1.0.3




Improvements in EJB plugins. JSF plugin and ActionScript

Plugins 1.0.2




Lot of improvements in various plugins including EJB , Tapestry, Hibernate, Struts, Castor etc.

Plugins 1.0.1




Contains a lot of improvements in Hibernate plugin. Added output XML validation support.

Plugins 1.0




First public release of XDoclet2 plugins

JetBrains is kindly supporting this project by giving us IntelliJ licenses.

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