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As seen by the Transport API Review page, most projects have very similar concepts in dealing with their messages and flows. There are many advantages if everyone used the same API:

  • Reusable transports across projects - For instance, if I wrote a TCP transport, it would then work in ServiceMix, Tuscan, XFire, Celtix, etc
  • Reusable interceptors across projects
  • Less duplicate code
  • Improve project cross pollination
  • By standardizing on an API, it may make it easier for people to contribute to the additional projects - provided we can write some documentation.

(For lack of imagination, I titled this Universal Transport API for now - DD)


  • A message concept which isn't tied to any particular representation
  • A message exchange pattern representation
  • A way to interact with Sessions that might be tied to transports?
  • An interceptor/handler architecture

Use Cases

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