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XFire is already deployed into production at many different companies. While many cannot list their names here (like many many large corporations that you know the names of...), we would encourage you to! If your company isn't listed, click on edit in the bottom right hand corner and add them!

Authentisoft - J2EE SSO and identity managment integration API for Microsoft Active Directory and other popular directory servers.
Colubris Consulting - many commercial products
Communardo Software GmbH - several customer integration projects
Design Spectrum
DV Bern AG
Multicom Products Ltd
Netflix- intranet application with a .NET client
Pulsar by DSE - vertical search engine for fishing charters and rental boats
Schedule World
GBIF - Being used in development for the production GBIF portal.
HotelSearch - crawl-based wedding and professional photographers search directory

We're also integrated with some other projects...

Apache Continuum
OS Workflow
JA-SIG CAS - Enterprise Single Sign on for the Web
Grails via XFire plugin

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