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The XFire team is proud to announce the 1.0-RC1 release! XFire is a next-generation java SOAP framework. XFire makes service oriented development approachable through its easy to use API and support for standards. It is also highly performant since it is built on a low memory StAX based model.

This release features many improvements:

  • Improved Client and Server stub generation
  • JAX-WS over XFire Early Access Release
  • Castor Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • Maven 2 Support
  • Many bug fixes

Many people are already using XFire today and realizing its performance and ease of use benefits. Why not download it and see for yourself?

Download Here



Binary Distribution in zip package


Jar of all XFire modules (also see the Dependency Guide)


XFire sources

Upgrading to RC1 from M6

  • Our Maven group id has changed from "xfire" to "org.codehaus.xfire". When using Maven 2, transitive dependencies should now work.


  • When building from source you may have to install the "maven-bundle-plugin" first. To do this simply execute "cd maven-bundle-plugin; mvn install" from the xfire source directory.


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