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The Codehaus XFire team is proud to announce XFire 1.2.5! XFire is an open source Java SOAP framework built on a high performance, streaming XML model. XFire includes support for web service standards, an easy to use API, Spring integration, JBI support, and plugable bindings for POJOs, JAXB, and XMLBeans.

XFire 1.2.5 contains many bug fixes since 1.2.4:

  • Fix thread safety issue with Client
  • Fix bug where types were not being added to the WSDL with JAXB
  • Fix bug where List/Array component types were not being created with JaxbTypes
  • Fix NPE in ElementReader
  • Fix issue with writing null parameters with certain bindings
  • Added extension points to Jsr181HandlerMapping so a different ServiceFactory can be supplied
  • Fix a problem generating holder types with java primitives
  • Attachment serialization configuration is now respected
  • Many more fixes!

Many thanks to those who helped build and test this release!

Download Here



Binary Distribution in zip package


Jar of all XFire modules (also see the Dependency Guide)

XFire sources


Jar of sources for IDEs

Upgrading to 1.2.5 from 1.2.4

  • No known issues


  • No known issues

Issues closed since last release

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