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Last year the XFire and Celtix communties submitted a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation for a new project called CXF (CeltiXFire). CXF is a proposed merge of the XFire and Celtix communities and code at Apache.

Now after a year of work, we've completed our 2.0 release and are very excited about it. It represents a huge step forward from XFire 1.x in terms of ease of use and features. As an XFire user, what do you have to be excited about?

  • JAX-WS Specification compliance
  • Improved HTTP and JMS Transports
  • Spring 2.0 XML support
  • RESTful services support
  • Great WS-* support: WS-Addressing, WS-Policy, WS-ReliableMessaging, and WS-Security are all supported
  • Support for JSON
  • SOAP w/ Attachments support
  • Improved APIs and extension points
  • A larger community, which means faster development, and better support

We encourage all users who are currently evaluating XFire to use CXF instead at this point. If you are already an XFire user, you may wish to consider migrating to CXF depending on where you are in your own release cycle. We will continue to support XFire in the future with bug fix releases, but feature development will be focused on CXF.


What are the goals of the merge?

Some of the goals we have highlighted are:

  • Maintain the existing feature sets and concepts of both projects
  • Complete JAX-WS support
  • Add more WS-* support. Currently we are planning on at least support WS-RM and WS-Policy in addition to the already supported specs of WS-Security and WS-Addressing.
  • High Performance
  • Flexibility and Embeddibility
  • Geronimo, ServiceMix, and Tuscany integration
  • Support deploying services which were developed for XFire inside CXF with minimal changes

What are the non goals of the merge?

  • Maintain API compatability with XFire 1.x

What is Celtix?

Celtix is a web service framework with support for legacy integration. It primarily focuses on providing JAX-WS and WS-* support. This makes it an ideal candidate for merging with XFire as those are two areas where XFire is weak. It also has support for CORBA services via Apache (incubating) Yoko.

Is Celtix an ESB?

While Celtix has traditionally called itself an ESB, if you look at the code you'll see that Celtix has primarily focused on providing JAX-WS and WS-* support. The new project will NOT be branded as an ESB. It will be primarily focused on service creation and infrastructure. In other words a lot of web services and some support for legacy (i.e. non-XML) integration.

Whats going to happen to XFire 1.x and applications which use it?

XFire 1.x will be continue to be supported on the mailing list and through bug fix releases.

Where did Celtix come from?

Celtix is funded by IONA Technologies. The project has around 15 committers, with many of them working full time on the project.

How do I get involved in the merge?

We will have Apache mailing lists set up soon. We would love for you to join in in the new project once they are set up! Check this space in the future for more information.

I'm concerned about X! Where can I get further information?

We are currently waiting for the Apache mailing lists to be set up. In the mean time if you have questions, please email the CXF mailing lists.

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