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XPlanner is a project planning and tracking tool for agile team following eXtreme Programming (XP) or Scrum. If you are not familiar with agile development process practices, the links page contains pointers to relevant resources. To summarize the XP planning process, the customers pick the features to be added (user stories) to each development iteration (typically, one to three weeks in duration). The developers estimate the effort to complete the stories either at the story level or by decomposing the story into tasks and estimating those. Information about team development velocity from the previous iteration is used to estimate if the team can complete the stories proposed by the customer. If the team appears to be overcommitted, the set of stories are renegotiated with the customer. The XPlanner tool was created to support this process and address issues experienced in a long-term real-life XP project.

This is very much a work in progress. We expect this tool to evolve as our and the software community's understanding of XP and other agile processes increases. If you'd like to the discuss the planning approaches supported by this tool or provide other feedback and suggestions go to Communication.

Feature overview

  • Simple planning model
  • Virtual note cards
  • Support for recording and tracking projects, iterations, user stories, and tasks.
  • Smart continuation of unfinished stories (unfinished tasks copied, copied stories are crosslinked).
  • Distributed integration token (with email notification)
  • Online time tracking and time sheet generation at individual/team level
  • Metrics generation (team velocity, individual hours, ...)
  • Charts for iteration velocity, Scrum burn down, distribution of task types, dispositions, and more..
  • Ability to attach notes to stories and tasks (with attachments).
  • Iteration estimate accuracy view
  • Page showing task and story status for individual developers and customers.
  • Export of project and iteration information to XML, MPX (MS Project), PDF, and iCal formats.
  • TWiki-style text formatting support with support external tool integration and extensible wiki word linking.
  • Integrated, extensible authentication supports multiple projects with project-specific authorization.
  • SOAP interfaces for advanced XPlanner integration and extension.
  • Language support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese..

For more details please go to
You can find at Future features discussions about upcoming/needed features

Recently Updated

Finally! After much work we finally released b7.
Sorry for the delay but my day job barely left me time for my family let alone releasing publically a beta (hence the jump from b4 to b7). To make matters worse, one of the codehaus server went down, causing a one week outage! (Thanks Ben and Bob for working as fast as they could to get us back online!).

This beta is a big step towards the official 0.7 release.
The major work includes the full support of HSQLDB (and the standalone package that everybody kept on using in production!!! People RFM!!! (wink) ) and the complete switch over to a transparent database migration. 0.7b7 (and 0.7) will be the last version that requires to run a migration script.
To sweeten the new build we have lots of bug fixes and improvements. To top it off we added the support true story order within an iteration allowing priority to be used as it was intended and reordering of stories much easier...

You can get the complete list of changes in b7 here

You can find the latest release here

XPlanner 0.7b4 released

After much work, here comes beta 4.
We have worked hard on XPR-151 to make the charts work reliably. Hopefully the major session management cleanup that was done will eradicate the problem.
There are also several bug fixes and enhancements that will make tracking of disposition automatic and increase the accuracy of the metrics.
Support for HSQLDB has been fixed and the standalone version tested both on windows and linux.
Support for MySql5.0 has been fixed.

We are getting close to the release. Hopefully there will be only one more beta before the official 0.7 is released.


Here are the changes in b4

0.7b2 released

Finally we got it out.
A much better installation scripts/documentation and lots of bug fixes!


Eugene Karpov generously updated his great IDEA plugin for 0.7.
You can install it directly from IDEA through the Plugin Manager (under Settings).

Thanks Eugene again!

0.7b1 released

Finally it is here!

Go get it from here

There are still a few bugs but it is stable enough to open testing to a broader audience.


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  1. This will be done as we release the official beta. Until we come close to a beta, it seemed that it did not need too much updating anyway. In the meantime I have sent people that ask question on the forums and the mailing list to the codehaus wiki. I am getting already awefully behind on my estimate anyway (have you noticed) so I did not need yet another managerial task (wink)



  2. Kim

    Why can i get the User Manual/Guide on how to use XPLanner?



  3. Did you mean "Where can I get the User Manual/Guide..."?
    Unfortunately there isn't any guide yet. Once we release 0.7 I plan on working gradually on a users guide


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