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How To Use JOTM as the XA Transaction Manager in



These instructions have been tested with JOTM 2.0.10.


Assuming you have successfully downloaded JOTM, copy the following jars to jetty6jetty's lib/ext directory:

  • connector-1_5.jar
  • howl.jar
  • jotm.jar
  • jotm_jrmp_stubs.jar
  • jta-spec1_0_1.jar
  • jts1_0.jar
  • ow_carol.jar
  • xapool.jar

    Depending on how you want your logging configured, you may need to also copy jcl104-over-slf4j.jar and an slf4j log implementation such as slf4j-simple.jar into the lib/ directory. You should find both of these files in lib/jsp-2.0. You would need to do this if you are using jdk-1.5 and you want to use slf4j logging. Alternatively, if you are using jdk1.4 and/or you want to use commons-logging, you will need to copy the commons-logging jar and a commons logging impl into the lib/ directory.

    Step 2: Configure CAROL


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