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Dekstop Enhancements for Groovy

Griffon is now a top level Codehaus project  at

Where do I Start ?

Why Griffon?

  • Liger was taken, apparently.
  • Griffons have large talons.
  • Excellent skills in jump and spot as well.
  • It's a mashup, of an Eagle and a Cougar
    (since all of the Griffon committers are in North America right now, we are referring to the New World animals, instead of the traditional Eagle and Lion. We could have also gone with the Puma, Mountain Lion, or Panther instead, but I thought Cougars were the most majestic of the North American big cats.)

What's in Griffon?

A Roadmap has been drawn up.

New Feature Development


  • A home for the multiple GUI builders for Groovy, It may be worthwhile to merge SwingXBuilder, JIDEBuilder, and GraphicsBuilder under a single code base (still with separate releases).
  • GORM integration from Grails 1.1
  • JavaFX Wrappers for the GUI Builders

Development stuff