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> svn co<version> jetty-site-<version>
> cd jetty-site-<version>
> mvn install
> cd jetty-website
> mvn site:deploy

The website is will now deploy to the /home/ftp/pub/staging/website directory for review. Make sure you fix the little quotes issue at the bottom of the index.html file and then this site should be good for deployment to the live site which is a simple move operation on mortbay.If the site:deploy step does not work, then you can manually deploy the site from the target directory to davs://


If you have issues doing this with missing site-component resources then you might need to build the two jetty releases the site is being based off of. I am trying to iron this out so its not needed but it might take a little bit. Do let me know if you have issues!

– jesse

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