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JDK 1.4 support

Another advantage is AnnoBeans do not contain any JDK 1.5-specific dependencies. This means that you can load them run Annogen under JDK 1.4 , unlike JSR175 annotations. Note, however, that AnnoBeans under JDK1.4 cannot be initialized with values from JSR175 annotations va1because your AnnoBeans cannot will be empty by default that under JDK1.4. your AnnoBeans cannot access JSR175 annotation values. For Annobeans to be useful under 1.4, you will need to be able to supply an AnnoOverrider which can retrieve annotation values from some other source, such as javadoc tags or an XML fileand still load AnnoBeans. In this case, you can retrieve metadata from other source (such as XML or javadoc tags) and expose it to your code though the same API as your JSR175 annotations.

Unified, strongly-typed access