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By default, BTM is shipped with slf4j-jdk14-1.56.80.jar which is the the JSR 047 logging API (aka JDK 1.4 logging) wrapper. If you want to use another logger, simply delete the slf4j-jdk14-1.56.80.jar file and replace it with any one from this list:

You will also need to put the slf4j-api-1.56.80.jar file in your classpath as well, no matter which one of the above jars you choose.

Those jars come from the 1.56.8 0 distribution of SLF4J.

Mapped Diagnostic Context

This feature appeared in BTM 1.3.3 and is not available in earlier versions.

If your logging implementation supports MDC (like Log4J does for instance) BTM will push the transaction's GTRID in the logger's MDC when a transaction is created.