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You need to have these softwares installed to be able to build BTM:

Getting the Source

The project uses Subversion GIT as it's source code control system.

The source can be checked out anonymously using:

Code Block
svngit checkoutclone httpgit://


The project uses Apache AntMaven 2 as it's build tool.

Go to the top level directory of the project and type:

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antmvn install

This will build BTM locally without running , run tests, building build javadoc and install the distribution ZIP file and store the generated artifacts into the dist/ folder.

Here are all the available Ant tasks:

all Build BTM JAR, javadoc, runs JUnit tests then pack everything up in a distributable ZIP file.
build Build BTM JAR.
clean Clean up previously built artifacts.
dist Create a distributable ZIP file.
doc Build javadoc.
test Run JUnit tests.
in your local repository.