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The AnnotationCTask task accepts the following:

  • verbose: (optional) flag marking the task verbosity (true/false)
  • properties: (optional) path to a properties file when user-defined annoations are to be used
  • destdir: (optional unless input classes are in more than one path) directory where to put annnotated class files
  • copytodest: (optional) filename pattern to copy extra resources like dtdDTD, xmlXML, or properties files that were found in the input classes path(s). By defaults, only ".class" files will be handled. It is ignored if "destdir" is not set.

Use the following parameters to configure the classpath to point to the classes to be weaved. Those can be specified with nested elements as well/instead:


Nested elements are similar to the "javac" task when you configure a classpath and a sourcepath: